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Network Troubleshooting Phone – Exchange – ADSL line connection

Faulty telephone line could be one source of a computer network problem

Call me to check the phone line,

Telecommunication carrier exchanges connection

ADSL modem configuration,

Network card configuration settings

it engineer in network server room solving problems and give help and support

The backbone cable network

The cable network is the most common cause of system outage.

Following is an article explaining:

how to “Avoid Telstra technician fees: hire your contractor to fix your internet ”

Applicable for the Internet and any other telecommunication service connections.

Communication equipment support:

configuration- Setup- repair:

  • Switch management:
  • Turn port range on / off
  • Link bandwidth
  • Port priority
  • IP management by IP clustering
  • MAC filtering for “port security.”
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  • Shortest Path Bridging (SPB)
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Port mirroring
  • Link aggregation
  • VLAN, 802.1X, IGMP

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  • PABX and Telephony technology
  • Two-way radio, microwave, UHF Radio
  • Satellite phone, satellite internet, satellite TV
  • Fiber optic transmission systems

Troubleshoot faults for the following

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  • Intruder alarm systems
  • POS ( Point Of Sale ) EFTPOS machines
  • PABX extension and line connections
  • Service provider ADSL and WAN telecommunication carrier connection
  • Relocation and troubleshooting ( Adds Moves and Changes )

Installation, relocation, troubleshooting of telephone systems.

Installation, relocation, troubleshooting of routers and switches.

Satellite communication system installation, relocation troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Installation of these cable types

  • Multi-core cables
  • Category 3 and up to 100 pair telephone cable, Cat 5e- Cat 6- Cat 7 UTP cabling
  • Coax
  • Fiber optic ( multi-core) single mode, multi mode

other cable types as requestedInstallation of Data and Voice communication for VoIP and SIP services, Modem and Router / Switch configuration for networking

FAQ on phone line fault resolution

Telephone line connection and relocation a job for a licensed cabler.

Ask for proof of competency  !!!

It cost the same to have a trained and licensed technician or a “cowboy” to work for you.

View the FAQ on cabling requirements

Some businesses use apprentices and overseas travelers to do wiring work. They need supervision when running cables.

When one licensed holder drops in on many work sites during a day is not direct supervision.

See the list of cabling registrars on ACMA website.

Cabling ID card has the person’s name Registration numberACMA Cabling license

Connections and wiring work are to be documented and labeled.

Records provided and kept for future reference on site.

By regulation documentation, record keeping and labeling is mandatory.

The service fee should include the documentation.

Do not let your business to be ripped off.

If records are not provided and left on site as required, you can complain to ACMA.

Based on these records and labels, any licensed cabler could continue work effectively.

Using these files speeds up work.

No need for the original installer to be available.

network engineer working in server room, corporate business man working on tablet computer

Fixing line faults and troubleshooting should also be a lot quicker where up to date documentation is available.

Telecommunications cabling advice TCA1 PDF

Telecommunications cabling advice TCA2PDF

ACMA ( Australian Communication And Media Authority) delegates registrars to register cabling provider persons.

Cabling technicians with current registration and relevant endorsement can carry out network cabling.

Cabling license allows individuals to perform line connections and relocation for communication equipment.

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