Satellite System Installation Troubleshooting and Repair work

Satellite dish installation and equipment setup

  • Fixed and motorized KU band VSAT installation for local and overseas countries satellite TV broadcast reception
  • Dish installation onto various roof structures and various roof materials
  • Cable runs from dish to wall outlet or to roof distribution/amplifier/splitter equipment
  • Dish alignment to the appropriate satellite position
  • Reception frequency calculations from transponder frequency
  • Decoder box setup and programming for the transponder scan and preferred channel sequence/numbers
  • Set up customer recording equipment and home theatre systems to incorporate satellite and free to air digital broadcast reception equipments

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You can order your equipment and parts directly and benefit first hand warranty also mark up expenses from shops like

Access Antennas & Satellites



The list some of the available local and overseas channels can be viewed on Lyngsat website for Optus D2 satellite

Some of the overseas satellite channels listed on Lyngsat

Part list of overseas satellite TV channels available free in Australia

The following countries has free programming to view in Australia on the above screenshot:

Marjaeyat from Iran

TRT from TurkeyOverseas TV channel programms over satellite

Duna World from Hungary

TVR from Romania

Kurdistan TV from Iraq

Religious The Word Network from USA

Rudav Kurdish from Iraq

RT Russia Today Russian TV channel broadcasting in English

Thai TV in Thai language

Listen to these countries radio channels throug the TV set or amplifier in your home entertainment system

You can also serach for and view all the satellites that has programming or services beamed to Australia

These are only a few of the over hundred channels available and if you find it complicated to search than email me for advice

Customer feedback

Dear Laz,
I would like to express my thanks for the way you solved the problem of
relocating my dish antenna to my new home.
You solved all the technical problems brilliantly. Your work was clean
and efficient, not to mention that I found your charge very reasonable.
I would recommend you to anyone. I am a satisfied customer.
Thanks again,
G Kozma