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RC model Race Car

Inquiry from website contact form:


Hi ,

I need software programming help, can you assist, please?



Thank your for contacting us with your inquiry.

We love challenging projects, but would need some more details like the operating system and software used.

Also, your contact details, location, and availability to discuss work details.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,




I need to install program to adjust settings on my speed controller for a model race car.

I think the program is CTX and driver is FTDI.

I have Acer laptop with Vista.

Not working at the moment.



It sounds like an interesting project, and we will need to discuss it in more details.
I will give you a call shortly.

Would like to see the present setup, and maybe one that works, with a different system, so I can picture the bit that is not compatible or not working.
If you have some web links with info on the model car and so on, that I can have a look at, please email it to me.

When would be a good time for me to come over to have a look at the settings?

Only 2 min away from you place, I have some time before five this evening for an initial discussion.

Talk to you soon,




The site I downloaded from is www.tectrade.ch

Picture is from the site illustration of the motor and controller



TTB motor controller

Atos motor controller


The other site needed was the one with the Atos controller software and driver software that is at http://www.atos-modellsport.de/

I had a look at the site and did a bit of research also done a google translation of the German language software installation guide.


Atos electric motor controller website


During my first half an hour visit I managed to configure the hardware settings for the USB port to use a specific communication port and configured the port for the specified speed rate and the rest of the parameters.


comms settings for the usb port


There was a suspected connection problem at the adapter connecting the laptop USB cable to the controller.


RC car connected to laptop USB port


However we agreed that the car will have to have the battery installed and then testing the connection to the software and controller could be done.

The client made the modification to cable connector shape for a firm connection but was not able to make the software on the laptop communicate to the controller, so a second visit was organized.

Since living in the close-by suburb of Armadale, I could have walked to Brookdale and see this client. Took 4 minutes to get there by car.

On arrival, I checked the settings and connections, ( at home too went through the documentation and made certain that what has been done so far was correct) and fired up the car and software on the laptop, and it worked straight away.

The connection symbol lit up green, and the client could start experimenting with the settings for better performance, to win his next race.


F1 model race car tuning software installation



My son and I are looking forward to see a race one Saturday afternoon.

Anyone can go and see the races at:

Moojebing Reserve | Cnr Moojebing Rd & Colwyn Rd | Bayswater, Perth, Western Australia.


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